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Important Cruise Shore Excursion Alert

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

UPDATE: Cruise Passengers are allowed off the ship to do excursions with taxis and approved tour operators to approved locations usig approved routes. Glory Tours is approved and we are happy to share our beautiful island with you.

Whenever I have something to write I don't like to just choose a topic, I like something to spark something inside of me so that I have some inspiration.

A dear friend of mine asked me this morning if I had any other ideas for my blog and I commented that I have many. Little did I know in less than 3 hours after that conversation I would be writing this blog. Truthfully there is one thought that is propelling me to write it and it is this: "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You" It is a lesson I was taught as a child by having it repeatedly drilled into my head by my mother multiple times a day. It is from this heart and of that goal that I now write todays blog.

Cruise lines are set to return to Barbados in June with some ships home porting and some making port of calls to the island. Last year I attended a meeting at our Port where I learnt of some of the plans for reopening which as you can understand have been ever changing because of the waves of covid.-19 that have ravaged our world. One of the points mentioned was that when cruise lines did return that the first excursions allowed would only be the excursions curated by the cruise line. The idea was to keep those who come ashore in a bubble. This protects those traveling on the ship and also those in the particular ports of call.

I truthfully have no qualms with this because It is in the best interest of everyone that we resume operations safely and with covid-19 that means gradually.... Its like when winter comes and the water freezes over you must first test the ice before putting any weight on it......Better to build a house that stands than one that blows away with the first gust of wind.

The reason I am writing about this today is that that meeting was held a long time ago and much has changed since then. I do see on some of the cruise ship websites that the guidelines are clearly stated with only the Cruise Lines curated excursions being allowed initially. I am aware that the CDC has recently changed the guidelines which is encouraging and gives us much hope that these restrictions will be relaxed. We have been receiving bookings from travel agents and excursion websites for cruise ship passengers and we have also had several direct request.

I have been monitoring the situation for a few weeks and weighing them with the travel protocols for travellers to Barbados. I reached out to persons from the BarbadosTourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) several times, thankfully today I was able to get a answer from a very helpful lady in the cruise division. I have officially been informed that cruise passengers will NOT be allowed to take non cruise line curated excursions. I am confident this will not last forever but I am unable to say how long this will last for. I believe that once those overseeing these matters are confident that cruises can operate safely again and countries can reach heard immunity by vaccination we will be able to cruise and operate with more normalcy.

Whilst I am longing to have you back on our tours and to be sharing Barbados with you once again that time has not arrived just yet however we are inching ever closer to this date. I want to reassure you that as always if your cruise cancels or you are unable to take your excursions because of these restrictions that we will of course refund you in full. We want to do our very best to stay informed and keep you informed. We know that this has been a trying and tiering time for many of you just as it has been for us. We all long to travel and enjoy life freely again and we will do our best to ensure that we can help you return to this.

I am putting this message out there to help not only those who have booked with us, because I am contacting you and your agents directly but for those who perhaps were planning on doing something else on your own or with another operator. Please ensure that you check the protocols and the restrictions before departing for your cruise. I do not want you to be disappointed.

Again I do not expect this period to last for a long time. I know so many of you prefer to book non cruise line excursions because you get better rates and better excursions that cover so much more than what the ships offer. We understand that and appreciate that you appreciate that about us.

I want to say thank you to those of you who have stood by us and encouraged us. Your support has meant a lot to us and we look forward to serving you soon. 🙏🤗❤️🇧🇧

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