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Who We Are

From time to time I am asked what makes Glory Tours different from other tour companies? What gives us that something extra special.

I think for me it is that we are more than just the places and the images.

I always say travel is like a book on a coffee table with a beautiful cover. Sure it may have a beautiful cover but it’s not until you read a book that you fall in love with it.

It is the stories and experiences that are shared within a book that impart its value to you. That make it a great book, a best seller.

Photos of Barbados make the prettiest of book covers but if you visit the island and do not indulge in any of the many experiences it has to offer you will miss out on what makes Barbados the gem of the Caribbean Sea.

We At Glory Tours and Tranquillity Cruises want to fill your holiday in Barbados with experiences that you will treasure for a lifetime. Some of the stories that we will share with you, you will be able to experience first hand but some stories of old have long past and it is only the story of itself that remains but the stories are well worth telling. They are sometimes funny, thrilling, riveting, but always entertaining.

We pride ourselves with ensuring that you are provided the opportunity to experience the very best of Barbados. Our guides are a wonderful team of men and women who each have their own unique personality and are delighted to have the opportunity to share a little bit of their world with you.

They are all knowledgeable and are happy to share all of the stories of Barbados past and present that I am sure will enrich your Barbados experience.

Our excursions are all thoughtfully designed including the most popular attractions and sights in Barbados. We offer a wide variety of excursions so that we can cater as best possible to your interest and of course we can also design a custom tour just for you and your group.

So today I invite you and encourage you to book and excursion with us but not just with us fill your holiday with memorable experiences. Swim with the turtles, take a fishing charter, paddle board, learn to surf go diving or even take a cooking class. There is so much in life to experience and that is what makes life so memorable and worth living. #glorytours #barbados #barbadostours #barbadosexcursion

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