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Blue Tang

If you had said anything to me about Blue Tang many years ago I would have thought you meant a new colour and flavour of the popular drink Tang from back in the day.

As children packages of this stuff would disappear from our parents cupboards, smuggled in our bags and into school where we shared this yummy powder as a sweet "tangy" treat with our classmates. I can just see my two nieces now laughing at me with the thought of this being considered a yummy treat lol........ Nooooooooo this is not the Tang I am talking about today. Blue Tang are something entirely different but like the Orange Tang drink that was a favourite of mine as a child Blue Tang's are a favourite of mine as an adult but they are a fish not a drink 😜🐟t

The Pacific Blue Tang became famous with the release of the movie "Finding Nemo". Nemo's traveling mate was Dory, a Hippo or Pacific Blue Tang.

The Blue Tangs we have here in Barbados are the Atlantic Blue Tangs. They are my. Dory's

The Atlantic Blue Tang is also known as the Blue tang surgeonfish, Blue physician, Blue doctorfish, Yellow doctorfish, Blue barber, and Yellow barber. The baby Blue Tangs are a stark contrast being yellow in colour.

In my experience they often swim in large schools and it is one of the reasons they are my favourite fish.

My first memory of them is about 12/13 years ago whilst snorkelling on the reef in front of Sandy Lane #1 on Paynes Bay. That is still my favourite place to snorkel in Barbados.

Paynes Bay is a beautiful beach and it is where I learned to swim. A lady who owned the CCC sweetie factory in Barbados gave me my first swimming lessons there 😊 I like to think a sweetie lady introduced me to one of the sweetest pleasures in life 😊

Paynes Bay of corse is a popular spot for many famous people like Simon Cowell whom I frequently saw on the beach with his family and it is where Oprah interviewed Rhianna.... yes I was there that day as well, just by chance relaxing on the beach when I saw them come out of Sandy Layne #1 where they were filming...... Back to what actually interest me more the Blue Tang.

The reason I fell in love with the Blue Tang is because they seemed to welcome me in to their fold as I glided along in the water sometimes beside them or in the midst of them. For long distances up and down the coast we swam together and I saw many wonderful things.

As we swam the worries of the world seemed to fall away and my mind was filled with the awe and wonder in the new world I was discovering around me.

Yes I admit it, I can hide it no longer, the secret is out........ I think I am half a fish ...... A Blue Tang to be specific lol.

If you need a break from the world up above I invite you to discover the world of the sea and swim along with the Blue Tang I am sure they will help to take your worries away just as they do mine.

Happy Snorkelling 🐟🐠🐡

This video I did several years ago shows you some of the fish I used to swim with in Paynes Bay. I mostly now swim on the South Coast in front my home in Hastings.

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