Private Tours & Transport

Private Tours and Transport  

Private tours can also be arranged for group's families or couples who request private or specialized tours. 

We offer tours that cater to each individual need. From the quick and simple excursion to an elaborate adventure.

Whether it is a short tour to Harrison's cave for example or, Coffee and croissants at sunrise on the beach we are well able to meet your every need.

Tour itineraries can be organized beforehand with or they can be directed by the customer during the course of the excursion.

Transport is included, entrance fees and meals are not included. Some attractions such as Harrisons Cave requier reservations if you would like to visit specific places please let us know before the tour

Private 4 hours Tour 2-4 people BDD 380.00

Private 6-7hr Tour 2-4 people BDD 650.00

Private 3-4hr Tour 5-8 people BDD 480.00

Private 6-7hr Tour 5-8 people BDD 800.00

Private 3-4hr Tour 9-12 people BDD 560.00

Private 6-7hr Tour 9-12 people BDD 1050.00