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Welcome to the Glory Tours & Tranquility Cruises Incentive Page

We at Glory Tours appreciate your support and are happy to introduce you to our incentive program.


Our incentive program is very simple.

We have 3 different tiers of incentive

.75%  up to $2500 in sales a month

1%.    From $ 2500 to $5000  in sales a month

1.5%  Over $5000 in sales a month

To Register for our incentive program please visit the Register page

To submit your sales so we can compile your incentive please  visit the Submit A Sale page

To Cash our your incentive please visit the Cash Out Page

Once you have signed up we will create a spreadsheet for you an send you a link that you can monitor your sales and accumulated incentive.

Cash Out Guidelines

Cash outs require 48 hour notification. If you have an emergency we will try to assist you with a quicker payout.

Cash outs can be sent to your mMoney account.

Cash outs of $50 or over we can mail you a check.

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