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Coco Hill Forest Hike

Tour Description

Coco Hill Forest 
Regenerative Agriculture, Agroforestry & 

Green Therapy

About Coco Hill Forest & “Forest Bathing”

Coco Hill is located in the hilly Scotland District of Barbados. This beautiful 53-acre forest is home to birds, monkeys, fresh water springs, indigenous tree ferns, royal palms, many fruit trees, spices, herbs, medicinals plants and other tropical flora. The highest point on the forest is 1085’ and overlooks the rugged East coast. There are spectacular look-out points overlooking the hills onto the east coast.

We are a regenerative agricultural and tropical flora repository project. We practice ‘forest to table” cuisine under the ethos of “eat what you grow”. Our farming is based on elements of permaculture, syntropic, vertical and terrace farming.

Forest Bathing

Once you are ready to start, it would be great to turn off or silence your devices. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Turn your focus to the sounds of the forest, birds chirping, gentle rustle of leaves moving with the wind. You can sit at the Mound bench and observe your surroundings , feel the Atlantic Trade winds blowing off the East Coast and being oxygenated by the forest trees, breathe that in.

Our guided tour and hike is offered by appointment to our guests which allows them to explore the forest, learn about Barbados tropical flora, geography, agricultural history and ‘bush medicine’.

Available only by appointment 

Length of hike: 90 minutes   

Scheduled by appointment

Scheduled by appointment


Prices with transport


Minimum 4 persons maximum of 20

BDD  $120 or US$60 per person

Price without transport

BBS$70 or US$35 per person


What to Bring

Walking shoes 
Your Tour Pass




 We offer rates with and without  transport please specify which one you  prefer at the time of booking
 Entrance Fees 
 1 Beverage


Additional Info

 Not suitable for
 Persons with knee problems 
 Persons with back problems 
 Persons with difficulty walking 

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