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Sightseeing in Barbados

Welcome to Barbados, we are happy to have you visit our little Island. 

I always say travel is like a book on a coffee table.

The book may have a beautiful cover but it’s not until you turn the pages of the book and read  chapter after chapter diving into the  stories inside the book that you will fall In love with it.

You can travel to a beautiful place but until you explore what it has to offer and have first hand experiences  you can’t truly fall in love with it. We are happy to  help you explore what Barbados has to offer. 

Listed below are a few of our most loved attractions  and places of interest along with  a little info about each and a link that will take you to a page listing all of the tours we offer that includes the attraction.

Our aim is to assist you in making the best choices  for your Barbados Experience.

Harrisons Cave

Harrison's Cave is located in the heart of Barbados. The Cave is a limestone cave featuring,  streams, waterfalls, stalagtites, stalagmites. At the cave you will board electric trams and travel through the winding tunnels, viewing majestic its caverns and learning about the formation of the cave.

Hunte's  Gardens


Huntes Gardens gardens have been lovingly nurtured in a naturally formed sink hole and features an array of tropical flowers, trees and foliage. Throughout the gardens you'll find statues, antiques and other beautiful decorative pieces that add to this amazing experience

The garden and its creator Mr Hunte  has been featured in countless gardening magazines and television programs and has recently been a film location for a popular Netflix series.

St. Nicholas Abbey


St Nicholas Abbey is located in Saint Peter, Barbados, and is a plantation house, museum and rum distillery.Colonel Benjamin Berringer built the house in 1658. This house is one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere. It's similar to the English Jacobean-era manor houses of the first half of the seventeenth century, the period between the Tudor and Georgian styles, beginning in the reign of James I.

This attraction  is  a favourite of visitors and  locals and has its very own award winning rum distillery and and its very own steam engine train.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve


The Barbados Wildlife Reserve lies in an enclosed area under a canopy of mahogany trees with winding red brick pathways beneath. 

The most popular animal at the Reserve is The Barbados Green Monkey. The monkey has brown and grey thick fur that has yellow and olive green flecks in it as an adult. In some lights, the monkey can appear green. This is why they are called green monkeys. Barbados Green Monkeys generally live in groups of fifteen to twenty. Within a family group, males gain their dominance by their size, strength and their ability to fight. Females, however, get their rank by the size of their families. Most infants are born during April and May.

Mount Gay Visitor Centre


Visit the Mount Gay Visitor Center to learn about the production and history of Barbados' famous Mount Gay rum. On the signature tour, delve into the spirit's history and importance to the island nation; complimentary rum punch and five rum tastings are included.

Flower Forest


Flower Forest Botanical Gardens is a horticultural park and tourist attraction near the village of Bloomsbury, Saint Joseph in Barbados. It is a scenic garden park with attractive flowering plants and tropical trees. The 50-acre property was formerly a sugar plantation

Andromeda Botanical Gardens


Andromeda Botanic Gardens is the original garden of Barbados created as a private family retreat by multi-award winning scientist and Barbadian Iris Bannochie. It is the ony RHS Partner Garden in the West Indies and was featured on BBC Gardeners World, BBC World Service The Conversation and the RHS The Garden Magazine. Described as 'unique and outstanding' by a leader of global garden tours, the variety of plants is incredible and represents the most plant diverse area in Barbados. Lots of smaller intimate spaces combine to create an ever-changing journey through this wonderful landscape. Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a unqiue example of our heritage and a Barbadian treasure.

Coastal Tours / Scenic Tours

Screenshot 2020-05-19 11.09.40.png

There are so very many scenic costal ares and panoramic locations around  the island that we could not list them all. Places like: Bathsheba, North  Point, Cherry Tree Hill, Morgan Lewis Windmill, Miami Beach, Codrington College, Foul Bay  and St Johns  Parish Church. There are also significant towns like Bridgetown, Holetown,  Speightstown and places of military and historical significance like the UNESCO World Heritage  site of the Garrison.  The link below will guide you to tours that highlight  these locations. 

Snorkel Cruises to swim with the Turtles in Carlisle Bay


Carlisle Bay al crescent-shaped bay located on the South West Coast of the island and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches. in the world. On most days Carlisle Bay boasts calm turquoise waters with no undertow, delicately lapping on the soft white sand. Under the surface of the sea Carlisle Bay comes alive with vibrant tropical fish in abundance, sea horses, sea turtles, octopus, rays, and much more! This unique array of marine life is due in part to the six different ship wrecks in the water as shallow as 12ft. The wrecks are obviously another important contributor to the popularity of Carlisle Bay. For those seeking an adventure, you will not be disappointed with the sight of these sunken treasures.

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