Option 9

4 hour cruise

Join us for a 4 hour afternoon cruise. 

Tranquility has a small glass bottom viewing area.

The boat has 2 washrooms, a bar, upper and lower deck with ample seating.

 A special treat for the young and the young at heart is our water slide. 

We will start the day departing the Careenage at 2:30pm and make our way up the West Coast & make a stop for

you  to have time to swim, snorkel, relax on the beach. 

We will return to the South and Carlisle Bay just in time to see the sun setting   


No Transport BBS$50 per person

00-10km US$40 per person  BBD$80    

11-14km US$45 per person  BBD$90    

16-20km US$50 per person  BBD$100  


Cruise Scheduled: Sundays at 2:30pm

Length:4 hours

(Hotels & Villas) Departs: 


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