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Option 4

Tour Description

 Enjoy a delightful full day tour. Visit Flower Forest, or Huntes Gardens and enjoy the tropical blooms.  A visit to Barbados will not be complete without a stop in Bathsheba, famous for its breathtaking beauty and pounding surf. After a morning of adventure it will be time to taste the flavor of Barbados with local cuisine served up at our lunch stop. Following lunch we will make our way up Cherry Tree Hill and on to St. Nicholas Abbey. This Plantation House is likely the last remaining authentic house of the 17th Century that exists anywhere in the "New World". When this residence was built around 1658 of brick and limestone, many of the structures in the North America were made of timber, and have long since perished. The residence was built only 30 years after Barbados' settlement by the British in 1627. The Plantation produces award winning rum and they are always delighted to offer you a sample. Our final stop for the day will be the Barbados Wildlife Reserve where we hope to catch the Green Monkey at play along with a wide variety of other animals. 

On Friday, Saturday & Sunday the train ride is included at St Nicholas Abbey

Tour Highlights  

  • Flower Forest or Huntes Gardens

  • Bathsheba

  • Lunch at Sand Dunes

  • St. Nicholas Abbey

  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve at feeding time

Available on: Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday & Sunday

Huntes is Closed on Sundays

Length: 6.5 hours

(Hotels & Villas) Departs: 8:30/9am

9:00am Returns: 4:00pm 


2 persons US $     340.00 

3 persons US$     397.00 

4 persons US$     454.00 

5 persons US$     511.00 

6 persons US$     718.00 

7 persons US$     625.00 

8 persons US$     830.00 

9 persons US$     889.00 

10 persons US$   945.00 

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